Indoor Localization with Audio Signals (Ongoing)

Indoor Localization with Audio Signals

Precise indoor localization is desired in many application scenarios such as smart home, smart merchandise, and smart laboratory. In this project, we propose an innovative localization system with audio signals as input. We believe this is the first work to use both air-borne and structure-borne signals and explore their complementary to improve the localization accuracy. We design and build the real-time data acquisition system and data processing pipeline and perform various preliminary experiments on it with a one-dimensional setting. The results verify findings in the previous works and also expose additional problems and challenges which are not explicitly considered in other similar systems. Based on the results, we refine our analysis algorithms and will deploy them in our system in future work.

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Beitong Tian
Beitong Tian
Ph.D. Student in Computer Science

My research interests include wireless sensing network, mobile computing and machine learning.