A Two-phase Location Measurement System for Indoor Static Sensors

Being able to fast and accurately measure a static object’s coordinate in a complex indoor environment is very useful. For example, we can build a (sensor, coordinate) dataset for indoor sensor networks to provide a location-aware context which is necessary for an intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) system. In this report, we propose two wireless systems for the measurement task mentioned above. Each of our systems will have two measurement phases, and with our careful design, each measurement phase is in line-of-sight (LOS) condition, which boosts our measurement accuracy. We name the first system, Laser-UWB mobile relay system (LUMR), which consists of UWB indoor positioning sub-system and laser-orientation location sub-system. The second system is Mobile Relay as Mobile Anchor system (MRAMA). This system only uses UWB indoor positioning system. We show that our first system can achieve errors less than five cms in both the x and y-axis and that of the second system is less than ten cms.

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Beitong Tian
Beitong Tian
Ph.D. Student in Computer Science

My research interests include wireless sensing network, mobile computing and machine learning.